Yucasoul is a eclectic musical platform focused on pushing culture and building community through global music.

Handpicked and Selected Mixes blending Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, Electronic, and World music.

Original Compositions.



Music inspires, creates change, and unites. It brings people together rather than further dividing us. It can connect us to a higher power and ignites social movements. For over a decade, Stephen Smith-Contreras has explored the power of music as a performer, a dj/producer, a curator, and a student. In 2015, Stephen created Yucasoul as a platform to share his musical experience and sound. His sound has been influenced by his exploration of global music, travels, and experiences.

Stephen’s Afro-Latin percussion studies have led to over 15 years of research and performance, including work in Cuba and Puerto Rico with master drummers and elders, and research on Afro-Peruvian traditions.  As a dj/music selector, Stephen blends sounds from the African Diaspora with Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, Electronic, and World music. Dig into one of the 48 episodes of Yucasoul Radio.

Stephen’s musical background has also led to the curation of community concerts and events in Denver and Los Angeles, including the 1st annual Mid-City Arts & Music Festival( LA 2017).

Stephen holds a master’s degree in Music from California State University Los Angeles, and a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and Ethnic Studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder.