Yucasoul is an eclectic media platform positioned at the intersection of music, art, and culture. YUCASOUL transcends borders, promotes and embraces diversity, and continually pushes art and culture forward. We create, curate, and document unique experiences through an innovative and creative lens.

Created and curated by Stephen Smith-Contreras in Los Angeles.

Current projects include:
Yucasoul Radio- An exploration of global music
Original music production- Instrumentals and collaborations
Pachamerica Festival: World Music Festival in Denver, CO
Selective freelance Music/Photo/Video Projects

Stephen Smith-Contreras is a cultural anthropologist and musician, a music selector/collector, arts administrator/educator, and curator. He has performed, produced, and curated social and cultural events for over a decade. Stephen’s bi-cultural(Peru & US) background, experience working in diverse communities, and global travels have shaped his vision and perspective. Stephen has studied Afro-Latin Percussion for over 15 years and has performed internationally. He has worked with educational institutions, community organizations, non-profits, social justice, and music education leaders.

Currently Stephen works with YOLA(Youth Orchestra Los Angeles), Gustavo Dudamel’s music education program in South Los Angeles, where he follows his vision to achieve equity and social justice through arts education and youth development. Through YOLA, Stephen has worked on large scale events and performances such as Super Bowl 50 with Coldplay, and performances at the Hollywood Bowl with Stevie Wonder and Juanes. Stephen holds degrees in Anthropology and Music from the University of Colorado and California State University Los Angeles.