Yucasoul Music

Sound Curator I Producer I Instrumentalist

Yucasoul (Stephen Smith-Contreras) is a Los Angeles based percussionist, producer, and DJ/Selector.

Yucasoul Radio is a series of curated mixes exploring music from African diaspora, Global Beats, World/Soulful House, Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz, & more. It’s inspiration for your soul and mind.

Yucasoul’s music blends percussive elements from the African diaspora with urban beats, soulful chords, rich melodies, and electronic sounds.

Stephen Smith-Contreras is a cultural anthropologist and musician, a music selector/collector, arts administrator/educator, and curator. He has performed, produced, and curated social and cultural events for over a decade. Stephen’s bi-cultural(Peru & US) background, experience working in diverse communities, and global travels have shaped his vision and perspective. He has worked with educational institutions, community organizations, non-profits, social justice, and music education leaders including the City of Los Angeles, City and County of Denver, LA Phil, Arts for LA, UCLA, University of Colorado, Advancement Project, Black Women for Wellness, LA Commons, UCLA, Santa Monica College, and California State University Los Angeles in various capacities including associate professor, guest lecturer, cultural events producer, and artist(musician/dj). As a percussionist, Stephen has performed internationally, and has studied with master drummers in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Peru and the United States. He holds degrees in Anthropology and Music from the University of Colorado and California State University Los Angeles.